LNG Industry Outlook in Europe, 2012 - Capacity Analysis, Forecasts and Details of All Operating and Planned Liquefaction and Regasification Terminals to 2016

Published Date » 2012-02-20
No. Of Pages » 81
LNG Industry Outlook in Europe, 2012 - Capacity Analysis, Forecasts and Details of All Operating and Planned Liquefaction and Regasification Terminals to 2016


GlobalDatas energy offering, LNG Industry Outlook in Europe, 2012 - Capacity Analysis, Forecasts and Details of All Operating and Planned Liquefaction and Regasification Terminals to 2016 is the essential source for industry data and information relating to the LNG industry in Europe. It provides asset level information relating to active and planned LNG terminals in the region. The profiles of major companies operating in the LNG industry in Europe are included in the report. The latest news and deals relating to the sector are also provided and analyzed.

This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GlobalDatas team of industry experts.


- Updated information relating to all active and planned LNG terminals
- Provides historical data from 2005 to 2011, forecast to 2016
- Capacity information of all liquefaction and regasification terminals
- Provides operator information for all active and planned terminals
- Identifies key trends and issues in the LNG industry
- Information on the top companies in the sector including business description, strategic analysis. Key companies covered are Enagas S.A., Statoil ASA and Total S.A.
- Strategy changes, R&D projects, corporate expansions and contractions and regulatory changes.
- Key mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, private equity investments and IPOs.

Reasons to buy

- Obtain the most up to date information available on all active and planned liquefaction and regasification terminals in Europe
- Identify growth segments and opportunities in European LNG industry.
- Facilitate market analysis and forecasting of future industry trends.
- Facilitate decision making on the basis of strong historical and forecast capacity data
- Assess your competitors LNG assets
- Understand and respond to your competitors business structure, strategy and prospects.
- Develop strategies based on the latest operational, financial, and regulatory events.
- Do deals with an understanding of how competitors are financed, and the mergers and partnerships that have shaped the market.
- Identify and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the leading companies in Europe.
1 Table Of Contents
1 Table Of Contents 2
1.1 List of Tables 6
1.2 List of Figures 7
2 Introduction 8
2.1 What is This Report About? 8
2.2 How to Use This Report? 8
2.3 Market Definition 8
3 Europe LNG Industry 9
3.1 Europe LNG Industry, Key Data 9
3.2 Europe LNG Industry: Key Trends and Issues 9
3.2.1 Europe LNG Industry: Major Trends 9
3.2.2 Europe LNG Industry: Major Challenges 11
3.3 Europe LNG Industry, Liquefaction 12
3.3.1 LNG Liquefaction Industry in Europe by Country 12
3.3.2 LNG Liquefaction Industry in Europe, Russian Federation 13
3.3.3 LNG Liquefaction Industry in Europe, Norway 13
3.4 Europe LNG Industry, Regasification 14
3.4.1 LNG Regasification Industry in Europe by Country 14
3.4.2 LNG Regasification Industry in Europe, Spain 15
3.4.3 LNG Regasification Industry in Europe, The United Kingdom 16
3.4.4 LNG Regasification Industry in Europe, France 16
3.4.5 LNG Regasification Industry in Europe, Netherlands 17
3.4.6 LNG Regasification Industry in Europe, Belgium 17
3.4.7 LNG Regasification Industry in Europe, Turkey 17
3.4.8 LNG Regasification Industry in Europe, Italy 18
3.4.9 LNG Regasification Industry in Europe, Greece 18
3.4.10 LNG Regasification Industry in Europe, Portugal 19
3.4.11 LNG Regasification Industry in Europe, Sweden 19
3.4.12 LNG Regasification Industry in Europe, Germany 19
3.4.13 LNG Regasification Industry in Europe, Ireland 20
3.4.14 LNG Regasification Industry in Europe, Lithuania 20
3.4.15 LNG Regasification Industry in Europe, Poland 20
3.5 Europe Planned LNG Terminals 21
3.5.1 Europe Planned LNG Terminals, Liquefaction Capacity, 2012- 2016 21
3.5.2 Europe Planned LNG Terminals, Regasification Capacity, 2012- 2016 21
4 Profile of Enagas S.A. 22
4.1 Enagas S.A., Key Information 22
4.2 Enagas S.A., Company Overview 22
4.3 Enagas S.A., Business Description 22
4.3.1 Business Overview 22
4.4 Enagas S.A., SWOT Analysis 23
4.4.1 Overview 23
4.4.2 Enagas S.A. Strengths 24
4.4.3 Enagas S.A. Weaknesses 25
4.4.4 Enagas S.A. Opportunities 25
4.4.5 Enagas S.A. Threats 26
5 Profile of Statoil ASA 28
5.1 Statoil ASA, Key Information 28
5.2 Statoil ASA, Company Overview 28
5.3 Statoil ASA, Business Description 28
5.3.1 Business Overview 28
5.3.2 Exploration and Production Norway 30
5.3.3 International Exploration and Production 30
5.3.4 Manufacturing and Marketing 31
5.3.5 Natural Gas 32
5.4 Statoil ASA, SWOT Analysis 33
5.4.1 Overview 33
5.4.2 Statoil ASA Strengths 33
5.4.3 Statoil ASA Weaknesses 35
5.4.4 Statoil ASA Opportunities 35
5.4.5 Statoil ASA Threats 37
6 Profile of Total S.A. 39
6.1 Total S.A., Key Information 39
6.2 Total S.A., Company Overview 39
6.3 Total S.A., Business Description 39
6.3.1 Business Overview 39
6.3.2 Chemicals 40
6.3.3 Downstream 40
6.3.4 Upstream 41
6.4 Total S.A., SWOT Analysis 43
6.4.1 Overview 43
6.4.2 Total S.A. Strengths 43
6.4.3 Total S.A. Weaknesses 45
6.4.4 Total S.A. Opportunities 45
6.4.5 Total S.A. Threats 46
7 Financial Deals Landscape 48
7.1 Detailed Deal Summary 48
7.1.1 Acquisition 48
7.1.2 Equity Offerings 52
7.1.3 Debt Offerings 54
7.1.4 Asset Transactions 64
8 Recent Developments 67
8.1 Strategy and Business Expansion 67
8.1.1 Jun 03, 2011: Chiyoda And Saipem Sign Cooperation Agreement To Develop LNG And Upstream Projects 67
8.1.2 May 26, 2011: Gazprom And Japanese Companies To Build LNG Plant In 2016 67
8.1.3 May 22, 2011: Qatargas Opens Up New Customer Market, Greece 67
8.1.4 Apr 26, 2011: Gazprom And Japanese Consortium Agree To Look Into Potential LNG Plant Construction Near Vladivostok 68
8.1.5 Apr 01, 2011: Mitsui Establishes Management Subsidiary In UK For Existing LNG Investments 68
8.1.6 Mar 10, 2011: Eni Announces 2011-2014 Strategic Plan 68
8.1.7 Feb 21, 2011: RS And BV Sign LNG/FPU Cooperation Agreement 69
8.2 Drilling and Production Updates 70
8.2.1 Jan 17, 2011: Statoil Resumes Production At Snoehvit Gas Field In Barents Sea 70
8.2.2 Dec 07, 2010: Gazprom To Boost Small-Scale LNG Production In Russia 70
8.3 Other Significant Developments 71
8.3.1 Jan 20, 2012: Statoil Resumes Production At Hammerfest LNG Plant 71
8.3.2 Jan 20, 2012: NOVATEK And Gazprom Discuss Increasing LNG Production On Yamal Peninsula 72
8.3.3 Jan 16, 2012: Total Announces Board Changes 72
8.3.4 Jan 12, 2012: Statoil Announces Temporary Production Halt At Hammerfest LNG 72
8.3.5 Jan 12, 2012: Eneco Receives First LNG Cargo At Gate Terminal 72
8.3.6 Jan 10, 2012: Gasol Enters Into New Funding Facility With Banque Benedict And Cie 73
8.3.7 Jan 10, 2012: GAZ-SYSTEM Announces Increase In Natural Gas Import Possibilities To Poland By Over 30% 73
8.3.8 Jan 10, 2012: Iberdrola Unloads First Methane Tanker Of Long-term Contract with BP At Bilbao Regasification Terminal 75
8.3.9 Jan 05, 2012: Total Announces Senior Management Change 76
8.3.10 Dec 22, 2011: GDF SUEZ Announces Management Changes 76
8.3.11 Dec 21, 2011: GAZ-SYSTEM Secures Loan From Eib For Construction Of LNG Terminal In Swinoujscie 77
9 Appendix 79
9.1 Abbreviations 79
9.2 Methodology 79
9.2.1 Coverage 79
9.2.2 Secondary Research 80
9.2.3 Primary Research 80
9.3 Contact Us 80
9.4 Disclaimer 81

List of Tables

1.1 List of Tables
Table 1: Europe, LNG Key Statistics, 2011 9
Table 2: Europe, Liquefaction Capacity by Country (Million Tonnes), 2005-2016 12
Table 3: Europe, Liquefaction Capacity in Russian Federation (Million Tonnes), 2005-2016 13
Table 4: Europe, Liquefaction Capacity in Norway (Million Tonnes), 2005-2016 13
Table 5: Europe, Regasification Capacity by Country (Bcf), 2005-2016 14
Table 6: Europe, Regasification Capacity in Spain (Bcf), 2005-2016 15
Table 7: Europe, Regasification Capacity in The United Kingdom (Bcf), 2005-2016 16
Table 8: Europe, Regasification Capacity in France (Bcf), 2005-2016 16
Table 9: Europe, Regasification Capacity in Netherlands (Bcf), 2005-2016 17
Table 10: Europe, Regasification Capacity in Belgium (Bcf), 2005-2016 17
Table 11: Europe, Regasification Capacity in Turkey (Bcf), 2005-2016 17
Table 12: Europe, Regasification Capacity in Italy (Bcf), 2005-2016 18
Table 13: Europe, Regasification Capacity in Greece (Bcf), 2005-2016 18
Table 14: Europe, Regasification Capacity in Portugal (Bcf), 2005-2016 19
Table 15: Europe, Regasification Capacity in Sweden (Bcf), 2005-2016 19
Table 16: Europe, Regasification Capacity in Germany (Bcf), 2005-2016 19
Table 17: Europe, Regasification Capacity in Ireland (Bcf), 2005-2016 20
Table 18: Europe, Regasification Capacity in Lithuania (Bcf), 2005-2016 20
Table 19: Europe, Regasification Capacity in Poland (Bcf), 2005-2016 20
Table 20: Europe Planned LNG Terminals, Liquefaction Capacity (Million Tonnes), 2012-2016 21
Table 21: Europe Planned LNG Terminals, Regasification Capacity (Bcf), 2012-2016 21
Table 22: Enagas S.A., Key Facts 22
Table 23: Enagas S.A., SWOT Analysis 24
Table 24: Statoil ASA, Key Facts 28
Table 25: Statoil ASA, SWOT Analysis 33
Table 26: Total S.A., Key Facts 39
Table 27: Total S.A., SWOT Analysis 43
Table 28: Golar Acquires Remaining 50% Stake In Bluewater Gandria From Bluewater Energy Services For $19. 5 Million 48
Table 29: Enagas To Acquire Regional Canaria de Energias 49
Table 30: Total And Fluxys Acquires Minority Stake In Dunkerque LNG From EDF 50
Table 31: ExxonMobil And Qatar Terminal Acquire 2.7% Stake In Terminale GNL 51
Table 32: Repsol Plans Private Placement Of 61 Million Shares 52
Table 33: Hoegh LNG Completes IPO For $117.9 Million 52
Table 34: Naftogaz Plans IPO 54
Table 35: Repsol YPF Prices Public Offering Of 4.875% Bonds Due 2019 For $955 Million 54
Table 36: Repsol Prices Public Offering Of 4.25% Bonds Due 2016 For $1,138 Million 55
Table 37: Linde Completes Private Placement Of 3.125% Senior Notes Due 2018 For $1 Billion 56
Table 38: National Grid Announces Public Offering Of 1.25% Bonds Due 2021 For $159.2 Million 57
Table 39: GDF SUEZ Completes Public Offering Of 5% Bonds Due 2060 For $641 Million 58
Table 40: BG Group Announces Public Offering Of 5% Bonds Due 2036 For $1,202 Million 59
Table 41: Enel Completes Private Placement Of 4.625% Bonds Due 2015 For $1,734.4 Million 60
Table 42: Enel Completes Private Placement Of 5.75% Bonds Due 2018 For $1,387.5 Million 61
Table 43: National Grid Announces Public Offering Of 1.25% Bonds Due 2021 For $15.7 Million 62
Table 44: BG Group Completes 4% Unsecured Bonds Due 2021 For $1,350 Million 63
Table 45: BG Group Completes 5.125% Unsecured Bonds Due 2041 For $900 Million 63
Table 46: Teekay LNG Partners And Marubeni To Acquire Ownership Interest In Eight LNG Carriers From A.P . Moller For $1,402 Million 64
Table 47: Total Acquires 20% Stake In Yamal LNG Project From OAO NOVATEK 66

List of Figures

1.2 List of Figures
Figure 1: Europe, Liquefaction Capacity by Country (Million Tonnes), 2005-2016 12
Figure 2: Europe, Regasification Capacity by Country (Bcf), 2005-2016 15

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