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Cientifica was founded as CMP Cientfica in Madrid in 1997 in order to meet the advanced analytical needs of the European Space Agency.  Cientifica has worked in a wide variety of markets and with a diverse portfolio of clients, from oil and gas and biotechnical to automotive in both public and private sectors, providing technology advice on all aspects of the realities of emerging technologies.

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The Graphene Opportunity Report
Aug 2013  
A decade ago when we published the first edition of the Nanotechnology Opportunity Report, there were predictions of untold riches for early investors, the replacement of all manufacturing as we know it, and the mythical trillion-dollar market.  Cientifica went against the grain by predicting that it would be hard for anyone to make money from nanomaterials, and that the real...
Smart Textiles and Nanotechnologies: Applications Technologies and Markets
Jun 2012  
Textiles are getting smarter, and much of this is being enabled by nanotechnology. “Smart Textiles and Nanotechnologies: Applications Technologies and Markets” provides the most in depth look to date at the impact of nanotechnology on the global textile industry.  Over 255 pages “Smart Textiles and Nanotechnologies: Applications Technologies and...
Nanotechnology for Textile Markets
Apr 2012  
The market for smart textiles is set to explode according to Cientifica’s latest research. “Nanotechnologies for the Textile Market” provides the most in depth look to date at the impact of nanotechnology on the global textile industry  While the traditional markets of apparel and home textiles continue to be impacted by nanotechnologies, especially in...
Nanotechnology for Medical Diagnostics
Mar 2012  
Following on from our “Nanotechnology for Drug Delivery” series of reports we are turning the focus onto medical diagnostics with our latest report: “Nanotechnology for Medical Diagnostics” Nanotech enabled medical diagnostics promise to improve just about everything that can be improved from a diagnostics point of view: earlier detection of disease, higher...
Nanotechnology for Drug Delivery : Global Market for Nanocarriers
Feb 2012  
Nanocarriers will account for 40% of a $136 billion nanotechnology-enabled drug delivery market by 2021. We forecast the total market size in 2021 to be US$136 billion, with a 60/40 split between nanocrystals and nanocarriers respectively, although developing new targeted delivery mechanisms may allow more value to be created for companies and entrepreneurs. Of the 10 nanocarrier...
Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery: Global Markets,
Jan 2012  
The report provides an in-depth presentation of recent developments (2000-2010) in nanoparticle-enabled DDS and future opportunities (2011-2021).  Persons with a financial or academic interest in the pharmaceutical industry who want to learn how advances in nanotechnology research and development will impact the economics of the pharmaceutical market will benefit most from this...
Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery 2011-2021
Nov 2011  
The healthcare market is poised to see some of the earliest benefits of nanotechnology. Over the next decade, it will be one of nanotech's highest growth sectors. Targeted drug delivery therapies for the treatment of cancer is one of the most commonly cited nano-healthcare benefits. Cientifica's report, Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery 2011, gives a comprehensive analysis and...
Global Funding of Nanotechnologies - 2011 Edition
Sep 2011  
In the last 11 years, governments around the world have invested more than US$67 billion in funding nanotechnology research. While some funding programs are mature and concentrating on translational research, others are still at an early stage requiring large purchases of infrastructure, from instruments to buildings and services.  Cientifica has been tracking public funding...
Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 records)

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