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SeeNews – Research & Profiles (http://seenews.com/profiles/) is a business research and analytical service which gives quick access to comprehensive company, industry, and market intelligence that drives business growth in Southeast Europe. It enables an access to over 4,500 company profiles, 100 industry researches from ten Southeast European countries. 
SeeNews – Research & Profiles is a trusted resource for financial analysis, investment research, risk management, portfolio monitoring, due diligence, and special project work.

Our Company Profiles provide you with the most up-to-date and easy-to-use business and financial company data and in-depth analyses about the market, based on information gathered from reliable sources on the local language. The information is delivered in English through the professional expertise of a team of journalists, researchers, analysts, and editors operating within best practices that ensure accuracy and deliver comprehensive and exclusive coverage that allows you to spot market opportunities and threats.

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