Turkey Mining Industry Outlook – Market Opportunities and Entry Strategies, Analyses and Forecasts to 2016

Published Date » 2012-02-15
No. Of Pages » 65


The report provides top-level market analysis, information and insights into the Turkish mining industry, including:

  • In-depth analysis of the mining industry in Turkey
  • A comprehensive analysis of market attractiveness, covering the key trends, drivers and challenges
  • Detailed market sizes for a period of ten years (2007–2016), including category level and end-user level analysis
  • Detailed insights into the regulatory framework, market entry strategy and competitive landscape relevant to the Turkish mining industry


Mining exploration will be an attractive investment opportunity in Turkey over the forecast period. According to a government organization, Turkish Coal Enterprises, Turkey is rich in mineral wealth which has only been partially explored and is currently underdeveloped. This could create massive growth prospects for mining companies in Turkey and opportunities for new businesses. Moreover, the economic prospects in Turkey are expected to remain positive over the forecast period, which suggests a massive opportunity for growth for mining companies over the forecast period. Further, the Turkish government has encouraged foreign investments through its liberal FDI policy and its planned accession to the EU. Fulfilling the accession criteria for joining the EU forced the Turkish government to initiate a series of political, economic and governance reforms in the country. These reforms have encouraged more transparency in business interactions and privatization, which created a favorable operating environment for the mining industry during the review period.


This report provides an extensive analysis of the Turkish mining industry: 

  • It analyses historical values for the Turkish mining industry for 2007–2011, along with forecast figures for 2012–2016
  • It provides analysis on the overall market as well as individual values for the industry’s key categories
  • The report also details the competitive landscape and market entry strategies of key businesses
  • The report details marketing strategies used by new businesses

Reasons To Buy

  • Make strategic business decisions using top-level historic and forecast market data related to the Turkish mining industry and each category within it
  • Identify the key market trends and opportunities for both existing companies and prospective new market entrants
  • Assess the competitive landscape in the Turkish mining industry enabling the formulation of effective market entry strategies
  • Assess the growth opportunities and industry dynamics within key categories: Coal, Metallic and Non-Metallic
  • Analyse the marketing strategies happening in the market and the future outlook

Key Highlights

  • The Turkish mining industry grew at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.8% during the review period (2007–2011), and is projected to grow at CAGR of 4.56% over the forecast period.
  • The non-metallic mineral category accounts for the majority of mined resources in Turkey. In 2011, non-metallic minerals represented 51.1% of total Turkish mining production in volume terms, coal accounted for a share of 45.5% of Turkish mining production volume, while metallic minerals accounted for 3.4%.
Table of Content

1 Executive Summary

2 Comparison with Key Global Markets

2.1 Country Attractiveness

3 Turkey  Market Attractiveness and Emerging Opportunities
3.1 Mining Industry Market Size and Growth Potential
3.2 Market Share and Production Trend Analysis by Category
3.3 Mining Equipment Market Size and Growth Potential
3.4 End User Market Dynamics
3.5 Business Trends and Growth Drivers
3.6 Macroeconomic Drivers
3.6.1 GDP growth
3.6.3 Inflation rate
3.6.5 FDI inflow by industry
3.6.6 Manufacturing net output at current prices (US dollar)
3.6.7 Construction net output at current prices (US$)
3.6.8 Electricity consumption
3.6.9 Crude steel production

4 Mining Import and Export Dynamics
4.1 Import Dynamics
4.2 Export Dynamics

5 Industry Dynamics: Five Forces Analysis
5.1 Five Forces Analysis: Coal
5.1.1 Bargaining power of supplier: medium to high
5.1.2 Bargaining power of buyer: low to medium
5.1.3 Barrier to entry: medium
5.1.4 Intensity of rivalry: low to medium
5.1.5 Threat of substitution: low
5.2 Five Forces Analysis: Metallic Minerals
5.2.1 Bargaining power of supplier: medium to high
5.2.2 Bargaining power of buyer: low to high
5.2.3 Barrier to entry: low to medium
5.2.4 Intensity of rivalry: low to medium
5.2.5 Threat of substitution: low
5.3 Five Forces Analysis: Non-Metallic Minerals
5.3.1 Bargaining power of supplier: medium to high
5.3.2 Bargaining power of buyer: low to medium
5.3.3 Barrier to entry: low to medium
5.3.4 Intensity of rivalry: low to medium
5.3.5 Threat of substitution: low
5.4 Five Forces Analysis: Mining Equipment
5.4.1 Bargaining power of supplier: low to medium
5.4.2 Bargaining power of buyer: low
5.4.3 Barrier to entry: medium to high
5.4.4 Intensity of rivalry: high
5.4.5 Threat of substitution: low

6 Market Entry Strategy
6.1 Market Regulation
6.2 Market Entry Route
6.3 Key Challenges

7 Competitive Landscape and Strategic Insights
7.1 Competitive Landscape: Overview

8 Company Profile
8.1 Anatolia Minerals
8.1.1 Anatolia Minerals: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
8.1.2 Anatolia Minerals: products and services
8.1.3 Anatolia Minerals: reserves
8.1.4 Anatolia Minerals: alliances
8.2 Ariana Resources Plc
8.2.1 Ariana Resources Plc: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
8.2.2 Ariana Resources Plc: products and services
8.2.3 Ariana Resources Plc: reserves
8.2.4 Ariana Resources Plc: alliances
8.3 European Nickel Plc
8.3.1 European Nickel Plc: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
8.3.2 European Nickel Plc: products and services
8.3.3 European Nickel Plc: reserves
8.3.1 European Nickel Plc: reserves
8.4 Bergama Mining Co. Ltd
8.4.1 Bergama Mining Co. Ltd: products and services
8.5 Etimine SA
8.5.1 Etimine SA: products and services
8.6 Turkish Coal Enterprises (TKI):
8.6.1 Turkish Coal Enterprises (TKI): reserves
8.7 Çimsa Turkey
8.7.1 Çimsa Turkey: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
8.7.2 Çimsa Turkey: products and services
8.8 Cimentas
8.8.1 Cimentas: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
8.8.2 Cimentas: products and services
8.8.3 Cimentas: alliances
8.9 Key Mining Equipment Companies:  Emsey Group
8.9.1 Emsey Group: products and services
8.1 Atlas Copco
8.10.1 Atlas Copco: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
8.10.2 Atlas Copco: products and services
8.10.3 Atlas Copco: alliances
8.11 Borusan Makina
8.11.1 Borusan Makina: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
8.11.2 Borusan Makina: products and services

9 Appendix
9.1 About BRICdata
9.2 Methodology
9.3 Disclaimer

List of Tables

Table 1: Investments by Key Foreign Mining Companies, 2009 and 2010
Table 2: Turkish GDP at Constant Prices (US$ Billion), 2007-2016 (Base Year 1999-2000)
Table 3 : Turkish Inflation Rate (%), 2007-2016
Table 4: Turkish Mining Market Entry by Foreign Companies
Table 5: Turkish Mining Industry - Key Company by Category of Operation
Table 6: Anatolia Minerals: Copler Project Reserves - Gold, 2008
Table 7: Anatolia Minerals: Cevizlidere Project Reserves - Copper
Table 8: Anatolia Minerals: Alliances
Table 9: Ariana Resources: Gold Reserves by Project, 2009
Table 10: Ariana Resources: Alliances
Table 11: European Nickel Plc: Çaldag Mine Nickel Reserves, 2009
Table 12: European Nickel Plc - Alliances
Table 13: Turkish Coal Enterprises (TKI): Coal Reserves (Million Tons), 2009
Table 14:Cimentas - Alliances
Table 15: Atlas Copco- Alliances

List of Figures

Figure 1: Top Global Coal Importers (% Share), 2010
Figure 2: Top Global Boron Production and Reserves Countries (%), 2010
Figure 3: Top Global Perlite Production and Reserves Countries (%), 2010
Figure 4: Top Global Cement Production and Reserve Countries (%), 2010
Figure 5: Turkish Mining Industry Production Volume by Category (Million Tons), 2007-2016
Figure 6: Turkish Mining Industry Production Value by Category (US$ Billion), 2007-2011
Figure 7: Turkish Mining Industry Production Volume by Category (% Share), 2011 and 2016
Figure 8: Turkish Mining Industry - Coal Production Volume (Million Tons), 2007-2016
Figure 9: Turkish Mining Industry - Copper Ore Production Volume (Thousand Tons), 2007-2016
Figure 10: Turkish Mining Industry - Iron Ore Production Volume (Million Tons), 2007-2016
Figure 11: Turkish Mining Industry - Cement Production Volume (Million Tons), 2007-2016
Figure 12: Turkish Mining Industry - Dolomite Production Volume (Million Tons), 2007-2016
Figure 13: Turkish Manufacturing and Power Generation Industries Growth Rates (%), 2007-2016
Figure 14: Turkish Construction Net Output at Current Prices (US$ Billion), 2007-2016
Figure 15: Turkish Passenger Vehicle Production (Units), 2007-2016
Figure 16: Turkish Commercial Vehicle Production (Units), 2007-2016
Figure 17: Turkish GDP at Constant Prices (US$ Billion), 2007-2016 (Base Year 1999-2000)
Figure 18: Turkish Inflation Rate (%), 2007-2016
Figure 19: Turkish FDI Inflows by Industry (US$ Billion), 2003-2009
Figure 20: Turkish Manufacturing Net Output at Current Prices (US$ Billion), 2007-2016
Figure 21: Turkish Construction Net Output at Current Prices (US$ Billion), 2007-2016
Figure 22: Turkish Electricity Consumption (Billion Kilowatt Hours), 2007-2016
Figure 23: Turkish Crude Steel Production (Million Metric Tons), 2007-2016
Figure 24: Turkish Trends in Coal Imports (Million Tons), 2007-2016
Figure 25: Turkish Trends in Gold Imports (Tons), 2007-2016
Figure 26: Turkish Trends in Silver Imports (Tons), 2007-2016
Figure 27: Turkish Trends in Zinc Exports (Thousand Tons), 2007-2016
Figure 28: Turkish Trends in Chromium Exports (Thousand Tons), 2007-2016
Figure 29: Turkish Trends in Major Non-Metallic Mineral Exports (Million Tons), 2007-2016
Figure 30: Turkish Mining Industry Dynamics: Coal
Figure 31: Turkish Mining Industry Dynamics: Metallic Minerals
Figure 32: Turkish Mining Industry Dynamics: Non-Metallic Minerals
Figure 33: Turkey Mining Industry Dynamics - Mining Equipment

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