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  • Will Instagram’s Native Resharing Feature Revive or Break Feed?

    Published On : Sep 21,2018

    Instagram has apparently taken the risk of adding a ‘share to feed’ option for every post that appears in its feed. Using this feature, users will be able to reshare posts from other people’s account to their own feed. While is feared to dis

  • Scout Shopping Tool Launched by Amazon to Improve Customers’ Experience

    Published On : Sep 20,2018

    In recent times, Amazon is experimenting with a new tool called Scout, which is designed to help shoppers figure out what they want to buy in a highly efficient manner.

    More Insights about Amazon’s Newest Shopping Tool

  • Apple Releases iPhone XS and XS Max, Provides Valuable Upgrades

    Published On : Sep 19,2018

    Apple recently released its much awaited iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, which are its most ambitious projects. The company certainly has made extensive improvements in its phone designs, and the following points delve deep in this release.


  • African-based Jumo Raises US$52 mn, to bring its Services to Asia

    Published On : Sep 18,2018

    The fintech scenario in Asia appears to expand splendidly in the wake of Jumo, an African based company, which has decided to bring its services to Asia.

    More Details About Jumo’s Plan to Proliferate in Asia


  • Planet Labs to Unveil its New Satellite Production Site in San Francisco

    Published On : Sep 17,2018

    Planet, the satellite imaging and associated analytics based company is finally taking the wraps off its new manufacturing space in San Francisco.

    More Details about New Lab Set up by Planet

    The company was founded

  • Sony is Struggling to Improve the Virtual Reality Technology

    Published On : Sep 07,2018

    Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO of Sony discussed various aspects of the PlayStation platform and its accessories at IFA in Berlin where he said, virtual reality (VR) has room to grow. He described it as ‘completely unique experience’ which is gaining

  • Amazon Joins Apple to US$1 Trillion Club

    Published On : Sep 05,2018

    Shares of Amazon.com Inc. increased with 1.9 percent which pushed the market value of the company to US$1 trillion, along with Apple Inc. The Chief Executive Officer and founder of the company Jeff Bezos is one of the wealthiest people who is runn

  • Consumption of Aspirin May Harmful to Health

    Published On : Sep 04,2018

    Many doctors suggest aspirin to the patients of heart attack, stroke, and other heart diseases as the medicine work as the blood thinner. The aspirin is mainly used as pain removal in head and muscles.

    The heart specialist with the New Yor

  • Eat Fewer Calories than You Burn, Study Suggest

    Published On : Sep 03,2018

    A recent trend among people related to weight loss is counting macronutrients such as carbs, proteins, and fats. While micronutrients are required in the small amounts including minerals and vitamins. Counting macronutrients is a similar term as t

  • Google and Amazon Working to Improve Their Voice Assistance

    Published On : Aug 31,2018

    Both the Amazon and Google are leading to form a new edge of technology in India. The place of numerous languages and dialects, use of these languages in their smart devices might be the key to growth. The tech giants are working on the understand

  • Ketamine Might Have Side Effects, a New Research Suggests

    Published On : Aug 30,2018

    Ketamine is mainly used in the treatment of depression. It is considered to be solely effective drug on the glutamate system in the brain. However, the new research has discovered that the drug might be affecting the brain of patients. The researc

  • Scientists Have Developed System to Predict Heart Attack at Early Stage

    Published On : Aug 29,2018

    The new method has developed a system which predicts heart attacks in advance by identifying the blockages in arteries. Fatty deposits on the walls of the arteries are the major blocking the flow of blood as a result of inflamed plaques. These pla

  • AI to be used in Early Detection of Small Cancer Tumors

    Published On : Aug 28,2018

    During the fight with cancer, nearly all technologies to be explored as a potential solution. Thanks to a team of engineers and doctors who are coming up with new artificial intelligence (AI) programs to help patients to fight against this deadly

  • Musk’s U-turn in Taking Tesla Private May Backfire

    Published On : Aug 27,2018

    As per experts, Elon Musk’s sudden abandoning of his plans to take Tesla private may do little to solve his legal and regulatory woes which seem to be rising by the day. On the contrary, it may make it worse for the electric car maker.


  • Facebook Appoints Hispanic CMO to Undo Damage to Brand Image

    Published On : Aug 24,2018

    Embroiled in a brand crisis emerging from the manner in which it handles users’ data and also for lack of inclusivity, Facebook is now in a damage control mode. It has recently hired a veteran CMO, Antonio Lucio, who formerly had stints with Vis

  • After Cambridge Analytica, Facebook Bans myPersonality

    Published On : Aug 23,2018

    In the face of increasing scrutiny on how it handles users’ data, Facebook has suspended almost 400 apps so far. While such suspensions are not declared or reported publically with apps suspended or reinstated sans notifications, Facebook does i

  • Simulation Launched by Incentivai to Know How Hackers Break Blockchain

    Published On : Aug 20,2018

    Incentivai has recently launched its artificial intelligence simulations program today, which tests the presence of security holes, as well as those who want to destroy a blockchain community. Crypto developers can use Incentivai’s services to f

  • Parker Probe to Be Launched By NASA for A Close Glance of the Sun

    Published On : Aug 17,2018

    NASA is now going ahead with a highly lucrative mission that aims to reach as close to the sun as possible, with the help of the Parker Solar Probe. The launch is slated to take place between the upcoming Friday and Saturday from the Kennedy Space

  • NVidia Releases New Turing Architecture in its Quadro Family

    Published On : Aug 14,2018

    In its Siggraph keynote, NVidia has launched its new architecture along with three pro-oriented workstation graphics cards in its Quadro family. The new Turing architecture is the greatest leap since the invention of the CUDA GPU in 2006, accordin

  • Samsung Launches the Massive Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Key Review Details

    Published On : Aug 13,2018

    Two years ago, Samsung notoriously became known for the exploding Galaxy Note devices. However, the company learnt to implement more rigorous checks, and now has released the highly awaited Galaxy Note 9. Go through the review details below to und

  • Pilot Program Launched by Starry to Provide Less Expensive Internet

    Published On : Aug 10,2018

    Today, the Internet service provider Starry has announced the launch of its Starry Connect program in association with Boston Housing Authority (BHA). The main aim of this pilot program is to provide affordable quality Internet through free access

  • Klook Raises US$200 mn to Fuel Progress in its Global Travel Platform

    Published On : Aug 08,2018

    The Hong Kong-based startup which is developing a travel activities platform has recently raised about US$200 mn in the form of new capital. The company plans to use this funding to stoke expansion of its travel platform mainly in the United State

  • Google to Release the Much Waited Android 9.0 Version Called Android Pie

    Published On : Aug 07,2018

    Google has cruised into the Q3 of 2018 today by announcing the release of its highly awaited Android version 9.0, simply called Android Pie. Following its release on Google Pixel devices by providing updates over-the-air, the version will also be

  • Ban on Addiction Center Ads Gradually Lifted Off By Google

    Published On : Aug 03,2018

    Google has now decided to allow ads associated with addiction-related keywords and phrases to run on the Web. These ads were banned for almost a year to prevent shady providers earning by fooling vulnerable patients. A small group of providers vet

  • New Menswear Startup to Recommend Clothes Based on Spotify Data

    Published On : Aug 02,2018

    A new thought enumerates that shoppers’ taste in music is an excellent way to understand them. And now there is an entire industry present behind this idea, which deals with figuring out what should be played inside shopping complexes and stores