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  • Microneeedle Contact Lens-like Patch to Effectively Treat Eye Diseases

    Published On : Nov 21,2018

    Scientists from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore have invented a contact lens patch with the help of microneedles that could prove to be an efficient and painless option for treating eye-related conditions such as macular degenerati

  • New Blood Test uses AI to for Early Detection of Cancer

    Published On : Nov 20,2018

    Researchers have invented a new blood test that combines liquid biopsy with artificial intelligence to detect cancer in very early stages so treatment can be started much before symptoms start to appear. The results, which were published in the jo

  • New Biofuel Cell be the Future of Implantable Medical Devices

    Published On : Nov 19,2018

    Researchers have developed a biofuel cell that is powered by glucose and uses electrodes made from high-conductivity electrodes made from assembling gold nanoparticles on cotton. The cell has demonstrated power efficiency as high as double the pow

  • Researchers Construct Nanotubes from Protein Crystals

    Published On : Nov 15,2018

    A team of scientists from the Tokyo Institute of Technology has devised an innovative way of constructing protein nanotubes. The development could help achieve further success in developing nano-sized drug carriers, drug delivery systems, and arti

  • New Perovskite-silicon Tandem Solar PV Cells Show Record Efficiency

    Published On : Nov 14,2018

    Researchers have devised a new way of building tandem solar cells that allows a more efficient method of light management. A team of researchers from Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin has recently announced that their monolithic silicon/perovskite heteroju

  • Bacterial Pneumonia has More Potential of Causing Harm to Heart

    Published On : Nov 13,2018

    A recent study of around 5000 patients has revealed that patients with bacterial pneumonia carry a 60% higher risk of stroke, heart attack, or death than patients with viral pneumonia. Researchers state that the fact that pneumonia was a potential

  • Researchers Devise Flexible Charge Storage System for Wearable Devices

    Published On : Nov 12,2018

    Wearable biosensors hold immense potential in a variety of applications and are being researched thoroughly across the globe. With new developments in the area and in associate technologies that enable various functionalities, biosensors are becom

  • Nanostructures could Help Better Treat Acute Kidney Injury : Study

    Published On : Nov 09,2018

    Acute kidney injury is a fatal condition that is diagnosed in nearly 13.3 mn people every year. The condition, also called as renal failure previously, leads to a quick buildup of nitrogenous waste in the kidney, impacting negatively its ability t

  • Creator of WWW to Advance a Campaign to Save the Internet

    Published On : Nov 06,2018

    Tim Berners-Lee has propelled a worldwide crusade to spare the web from the adverse impacts of maltreatment and segregation, political control, and different dangers that torment the online world.

    Addressing CNBC at the Web Summit tech gat

  • AI Framework Decodes Root Cause or Religious Strife

    Published On : Nov 05,2018

    Researchers have built up an artificial intelligence framework that can enable better to comprehend what triggers religious strife.

    The examination, distributed in The Journal for Artificial Societies and Social Stimulation, centers around

  • How Minimally Invasive Surgery Can Worsen Situation for Cervical Cancer Patients?

    Published On : Nov 01,2018

    Based on the analysis of two studies, the growing acceptance for two treatment for early-stage cervical cancer in the United States is considered worse than standard surgery. Growing popularity and preference for minimally invasive surgery has is

  • Body Weight Can Determine Life Expectancy, States a New Research

    Published On : Oct 31,2018

    According to a recent study published in Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology Journal suggests that being overweight or underweight both could reduce four years from a person’s life. About 2 million people were analyzed in this study. All of them w

  • Leveraging Potential of Drones to Save One’s Life during Emergency

    Published On : Oct 31,2018

    Technological advancements have made our lives way much easier. From smartphones to electric vehicles or Artificial Intelligence, nowadays things are feasible and easily approachable. Various industries are now highly dependent on technology; a si

  • Why Peanut Allergy is Now Considered as an Epidemic

    Published On : Oct 29,2018

    A recent study conducted by the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute at Mount Sinai hospital in New York found that peanut allergies tripled between 1997 and 2008 from 1 in 250 to 1 in 70. As the number of people suffering from different food ailments has

  • A New Study Reveals How Stress Affects Brain

    Published On : Oct 26,2018

    A new study conducted by the Harvard Medical School in Boston reveals the answers related to how stress can affect our brains. The researchers performed their research on participants aged 49 years on an average and those who weren’t diagnosed w

  • A Single Oral Dose Drug Approved By FDA after Two Decades

    Published On : Oct 25,2018

    The patients who are suffering from uncomplicated flu can take a single oral dose of Xofluza (baloxavir marboxil) that will help them in treating it. It can be consumed if the symptoms stay for more than 48 hours. Importantly, this is the first ti

  • How Organic Food Can Help in Reducing Risk of Cancer

    Published On : Oct 24,2018

    A Study published in JAMA Internal Medicine finds that the people who consume organic food are less prone to cancer. Moreover, they were also less susceptible to postmenopausal breast cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma when compared to those who bare

  • New Pilot Study Finds Microplastics in Human Gut

    Published On : Oct 23,2018

    A pilot study conducted by the researchers from the Medical University of Vienna finds that how microplastics are now being found in the human gut. Until now, microplastics were commonly found in tap water, oceans, fish, and even in table salt. As

  • One of the Eighth Life-Threating Diseases is yet not popular among the people

    Published On : Oct 22,2018

    New study has found how negligence for ovarian cancer among women and doctors can badly affect the health of women. An online survey conducted over 44 countries by the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition in which around 1500 females were analyzed who w

  • A New Study Finds How Nutrition Play A Significant Role in Building Bone Strength than Exercise

    Published On : Oct 18,2018

    In a recent research conducted at the University of Michigan, the researchers observed exercise and mineral supplementation in mice. They found that nutrition played crucial impact on strength and bone mass than exercise. Adding to it, when exerci

  • A Crucial Role Played By Molecular Semiconductors in Making Future of Electronics Unveiled by Researchers at KTH

    Published On : Oct 17,2018

    In a recent study conducted by the Department of Micro and Nanosystems at KTH has tested a technique that will help in forming millions of feasible nanoscale molecular junctions. The study also published in Nature Communications. The scope of grow

  • Well-Established Internet Browsers to Make Efforts to Change Old Security Standards

    Published On : Oct 16,2018

    Recently, various internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Safari, and Edge are planning to drop support for the older version of online security protocol TLS. It was used in almost all type of encrypted that was exchanged online. Howev

  • Two Recent Studies to Show How Genetics Can Change Healthcare in Coming Years

    Published On : Oct 15,2018

    Genes have always played a crucial role in formation of an individual’s body, personality, appearance, and are capable of healing from various diseases. But to measure and examine 3.2 billion positions on the human genome is a difficult task. Ho

  • Android Founder, Andy Rubin to Launch AI Powered Phone that can Text on Your Behalf

    Published On : Oct 12,2018

    The Android founder, Andy Rubin is now working on a smartphone that will work on Artificial Intelligence. Essentials, a consumer startup started by him is now working on a smartphone that will be capable of mimicking the user and can automatically

  • Transsion - A Smartphone Company from China Ruling in Africa and Not a Single Outlet in Home Country

    Published On : Oct 11,2018

    Transsion is a smartphone manufacturer in China, who do not have a single outlet in the home country but dominates the markets across Africa. In several African countries, Transsion beats Apple and Samsung covering more than a billion people marke